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How to get orders in fiverr after gig lost rank

I have been working in Fiverr for around 5 months. Before December 25, 2020, my order was normal. after 25 Dec my gig lost rank, and till now no orders. So I open more gigs to get attention but still no good result.
Is there anyone facing the same situation as me or have advice for me on how can I get order again?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards

Did you lose a ranking from a Warning or did your gig simply stop it’s “season in the sun”? There is a fair difference.

Although in both cases you do exactly what you have been doing before only with full understanding that freelancing is seasonal and not a license to print money when ever you want it (that is what a McDonalds Franchise is for).

Whenever you hit a Dip (see the Seth Godin book of that name) it is time to assess what is working and what is not working. I am in a dip myself. I am also dealing with several non-buyers who want to take my time to explain how they can create success in their lives but at the same time think that i work for them for free. Nuh unh. I am delighted to help people create their success but only as much as they help me with mine.

What can you work on?


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