How to get Orders in fiverr?


i’m new to fiverr and i’m not get any orders, Please help me to get orders for my gigs.


Lol. Magic Answer. You Made me laugh. Heheehe


Well that is a hoot, I would bet like you said he is looking for the content for his ebook


I think he bought some of these ebooks from the forums, especially DP and WF or from another place. Go to warrior forum, for instance, and you will find a guy who sells “Fiverr spell magic”.

Anyway, I think it’s a good business, buy 8 ebooks (a pack) at say 100$ and sell 100 packs each 5$ (oops! 4$) on fiverr. That’s a cool 300$ on profits–good money for shopping. Maybe I will try that ‘easy money’ :D. Hope you will buy.

Answering the question of the OP: Try to advertise your services on the forums such as DP, WF, V7n, black hat world etc. Include the link to your gig in your signature with a catchy headline like “A proven way to earn quick $$$$$$ on fiverr”. Ha ha just my 2 cents.


Are you serious? One of your gig descriptions even includes the line “earn money without selling nothing”. That suggests any buyer that bothers to read your gig description that you are untrustworthy.

This is not a site where you trick people into giving you money for nothing. You provide good work, you get paid. Sometimes things go well, other times not so much, depending on what you offer and how you promote yourself.


Promtoe on social media sites such as facebook, twitter, heck even try instagram :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had the same problem when I joined- I didn’t get any orders for almost a month! My advice would be to wait it out if you’re not too fussed- but if you are, then share with friends and on all social media sites you can find! A lot of people even shamelessly self-promote here (for good reason!) so just try and branch out and reach as wide an audience as you can. Even if you don’t, you’ll get an order sooner or later and that will kickstart your business.