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How to get orders in Fiverr

Hi everyone. This question will be useful for every new seller like me who starts their career with Fiverr. So, experienced sellers please suggest with the tricks you used for generating orders,

How to get orders - Tips and Tricks
How to maintain customer relationship
How about after sales support.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks

at the top of the page there is a link to this:-

your questions are answered there

motivate your buyer by attractive offers.

Advertise yourself in forums… I think…

I checked your gigs and it says that you have more than 4K friends on Facebook and
you will also promote websites and links to millions of people. Why not use your own
gig to promote your gigs?

First just remove the TOP RATED SELLER that you have written on your profile. Be real and clear with your clients. Don’t be a fake one. I have just checked your gig descriptions so use some of the related keywords and improve your gig descriptions and talk about what buyer will get not what you know.

Have done this. Unfortunately, with buyers Fiverr is not so popular in India

Thanks for pointing this. Have changed:)