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How to get orders in weekend?

Hi thanks for reading my post . so the topic is how you get orders on weekend even then there is less new buyer requests .so here are some tips for you hope you like and if you want to add more tips according to your experience please share in comments

1.check you gig if there is some gig with down views and less sales edit them Improve the keywords on your gig.and if there is gig without any sales in last 3 months delete and offer better new attractive service according to your skills :slight_smile:
2- check the your buyers clients list and if some one is online ask them do you need my mores services :smiley:
3- Share your gig on social media related groups & communities ,
4.check last week buyer request you have 10 offer every day may be some request are related to your skills and you miss them to send offer send them offer .
5 .The last tip is stay login even in weekends it show you are active on your fiver account :slight_smile:
Happy weekend :heart_eyes:
Review and suggestions are appreciated…
Thank you


That would be spamming, and a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. If buyers report you for that (and they might; if they want to buy your service again, they already know where to find you), you could get your messaging disabled, and, if you keep doing that at a later point, you could get your account banned.


yes i know i never say send messages again and again i means ask one time may be they are looking for the same service you provide and not renumber you :slight_smile:


I HATE when people do that.
In fact one person did it every week so I asked them to stop but they didn’t so I flagged it as spam and won’t use them again.
Buyers are not stupid. If they want to order again and don’t remember your name they will go through their orders or favorites lists or the Contact>Sellers tab on the dashboard - they don’t need a begging message to remind them.


Agreed. I have someone I bought from on Upwork and to this day still sends me a message every two weeks asking if I need anything else from them. Errrr, if I did, I’d have bought it by now…

Yea, don’t be that person.


It’s still spam and a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and you can still get reported for it.


OK Thank you for your precious suggestions :slight_smile: