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How to get orders often

Hello, i am having issues on how to get orders often, and also if the site goes down, will it affect my funds?

Yes, the funds from all sellers around the globe will be transferred into my account and go immediately to my Revenue Card. Thanks in advance.
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I’m not sure if the blond woman in the image is you, but if you’re trying to sell yourself as a professional writer who delivers quality work, I’m not sure if it’s the best image.
There’s nothing wrong with the image itself and if you were doing something like a modeling gig it might work, but that image and “a professional writer” doesn’t go well together.

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Nice to know who I’ll be suing this week. You will hear from my legal team soon enough.


But you will not be able to afford the lawyers, lol.

Oh dear, is my money going to be transferred too!!?? :sweat_smile:

Don’t make me send my ninja assassin squad! :secret:

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