How to get orders on


i am not getting orders since last few days…i have worked alot on my gigs…but i am not receiving even any kind of messages…i have applied lots of tips on my gigs.I donot understand how people say they make lot of money on fiverr
will anyone please guide me how to share and promote gigs in google plus communities


You joined on Fiverr at February 2018 and already got 3 Reviews. Are you want to be 1 Level Seller within 2 months? It’s not so easy as you think. You did good at your starting. Just hang on, keep trying.


is it good going you think?


Yeap! I think so! You will be successful shortly !


thank you…


Hello nausheenzahra if you want to share your gig on google community then you should to copy link of your gig and paste in google community.
also you can update your gig and keywords related to your business.
good luck.