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How to get orders on Fiverr & How to write buyer request?

I’m new on Fiverr. I’ve send almost 40 buyer request but there is no response.
What to do now?
Can you check my GIG?
I’m dropping my GIG links in below :


Try this for better results:

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Thanks I’m into looking that


you can try to a different way please change your buyer request formate.

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Can you please show me some buyer request sample?

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This is secrete man.

Okay Thanks anyways for your suggestion

Just try to convince buyer in effective manner that you can do his order.
I’m also facing same problem till yesterday.
I got my first order after so many requests, so keep trying.


Hey swapnil
First read buyer requirement carefully
Then tell him exactly what and how you can do his job. No need to tell him about your experience and other staffs first. Just tell him something like so that buyer can understand you know about his requirement.
Hope I can suggest you.

Best of luck.

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why secret
we are here to share experiencs and infos

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Thanks for your reply.

you are right. Try and try hard and sol Then your success.


  1. Carefully read the complete BR.
  2. Mention clearly that you can provide exactly what the buyer is looking for.
  3. Be precise and clearly answer to the buyer’s queries if there are any in the BR
  4. Ask questions if you have any regarding the BR.
  5. Mention the timeframe and your quote.
  6. Show your online portfolio if you have any.
  7. Carefully proof read your offer.
  8. Send offer to those BRs only where you are 100% sure that you can meet the requirements.


  1. Never ever use a template response for all BRs
  2. Never use words like “Sir/Madam” etc
  3. Don’t mention your years of experience. He/she can check it from your profile and portfolio.
  4. Avoid over promising and grammatical mistakes.
  5. Don’t write a very long offer.

I may be missing some of the points as I can’t recall everything at this moment. So other experts are request to add their valuable feedback here.


I’ve been doing this but still not getting any orders.

Thanks. I’m still trying let’s see what happens next.

Thanks. I’ve tried this method too but still not getting any orders.

Well said, mate. I appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks brother for your notice.