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How to get orders on my fiverr gigs as a new seller. Anyone with good suggestion?

Hello everyone, I’m a new member here on fiverr although I joined fiverr some months ago. I have been finding it hard to get orders to my gigs which has always dampened me. Can anyone here give me a good suggestion on how I can make my gigs stand out and get orders?
All suggestions will be appreciated. Cheers.


Hello! I’m new too! Haven’t even been here up to a month and i’m already getting a little worried. I haven’t received any orders either. It really is a downer.

I was trying to get to your profile, so I could see if there was any tip I’d read about that you hadn’t applied - but I couldn’t figure it out. Anyway.

It’s the same stuff I keep reading everywhere…

  • Appealing titles
  • Attractive gig images
  • Regularly checking the buyer’s requests
  • Making 10 different offers everyday
  • Having a video

The only thing I haven’t set up is a video, and I’m working on that… I feel like my gigs are in tiptop shape so far though. I just hope I get an order soon.
If you’ve done every single one of those things listed above, I guess all we can do is wait.

What services do you offer?

Yes, and in the meantime, I’d suggest that you do a lot of marketing and advertising for your gigs. Find out where and how to contact prospective buyers for your gigs and market your services to them.

Wishing you the best!

I actually have all those things you listed there except for the gig video.

I’m actually in the writing niche and I really have years of experience offering these services although it is outside fiverr. Thank you for your words.

Which services do you offer?

Okay, thanks for the advice

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Thank you so much! I’m definitely doing my best marketing.
May the Fiverr odds be with you too! :sweat_smile:


I’m in the writing niche as well! I’m a lawyer, so I have about 8 years experience studying and working with words. I offer proofreading for manuscripts and I illustrate.

Okay good, but when I clicked on your profile link it shows a different thing. Do you have a design gig too?

Yup I do!

:disappointed_relieved: what did it show?

It shows your design gig. Probably that was what you shared in the link I followed. No worries :v:

Oh alright then. Thanks for checking out my profile. I just saw yours too.
You have sales though! I hope you get more soon.
Good luck! :heart:

Yea. I hope you get your first sale too. Just keep “fighting” that’s the only way to succeed here.

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