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How to get orders please tips me and check my all gigs

how to get orders please tips me and check my all gigs thanks:disappointed_relieved:

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Do you want to give us a link to your gigs?


yes why not :slightly_smiling_face:

No, that’s not a link to your gigs.

Look, you are asking for an advise on how to improve your gig. You didn’t even attach the link to your gigs for us to have a look. And now you posting a link that doesn’t work.
You need to invest YOUR time in YOUR business. At least starting from double checking and paying more attention if you need help from us. We are not going to do all work for you.


Great comment, haha.

am soory mariashtelle i have no more knowledge about fiverr work because am no older on fiverr place. so plz dont laughing me theeorion just help me if you can otherwise thanks.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

sorry mariashtelle1 i think its a my gigs link.

Your profile link is that

Please stop providing unprofessional services. Try something which actually clients want and has a demand on the market.
Hope after that you can do something.

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its not unprofessional services my
dear brother one day you will realize me and my services value.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ll be repeating myself, but here it goes:

Personally I’m amazed that so many people claim to be professional graphic designers
with years of experience, but when I check their gig sample images, they are either
using a random image taken directly from the internet, or simply tweaking it a bit at the most.
I mean, if you are indeed an experienced person, won’t you want to show something
completely original that shows what you can do??
I myself offer an translation gig, but even for that the sample image 100% my own
original image I created using Photoshop.
If you want to stand out, be professional and original.


thanks Zeus:slightly_smiling_face:

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@mariashtelle1 It was really great comment ma’am:smile: