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How to get orders plz


I want to ask you something, I published concerts a month ago and I have not received any order, how do I get orders?

  • I send requests to buyers
  • I put video in my gigs
  • I put a picture of me
  • I have pblie my gigs on facebook twitter youtub

All that and I received.


You’re in a very busy category. You have to be patient and you need to make your gigs stand out more as being unique. You might want to look at your categories i.e. do some fit better in fun & lifestyle.


Wait wait and wait thats what i have done so far. Its luck. A friend of mine got order the next day and than here I am. Its been so long

Hello Everyone. My name is Affan and i am new on Fiverr. I have currently Three active gigs; i wanted to know does how many number of gigs should i need to upload and publish to get good response?


You’ll have to keep promoting on social media’s and i am sure you’ll get lots of orders soon :slight_smile: