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How to get orders quickly?

Hi all!!
I’m Raha new in Fiverr. I created my 7 gigs yesterday, it would be a pleasure if you take a look in my profile and confirm if they are ok. click here to view my profile

Please share your Fiverr experiences.

Humayra Raha


There is no quick way to get orders!

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! to help you on your way.

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Well, thanks for your reply. If you could spend some time to check my gigs and suggest any improvement.


“your satisfaction is my first priority!”, I see this so much and I wonder if this even has an impact, I mean surely if someones paying to work with you that’s already implied from the get go? Anyway, as @lloydsolutions already stated, there is no quick way to get orders.

Here’s my experience as a seller, hopefully you find some useful points. :))

  • I saw all your gig, the pictures of the gig needed to be more professional.

  • and it’s not good at all 1st time to created 7 gigs.

  • your every gig every service starts only 5$! your should have more specific provided the service and Demandable.

but overall it’s ok, try and try more research :slight_smile:

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Try to active always in fiverr…marketing your gig regular in every social media platform, hope you got quick order.