How to get orders to my gigs, help?


I haven’t got any orders to my gigs since I have started to work on Fiverr. Can anyone help me what is wrong with my gigs and please give me some advices?


Hello Azra,

Can you send a link to your Fiverr profile so we can give you some suggestions?


I got my first Fiverr order 1 week after I started Fiverr. I got it from Buyers Request. My goal per day was to finish my 10 offers limit and it actually worked! Try it out. :slight_smile:


I did pretty much the same thing as well, until I started getting orders from nowhere


Provide link of your fiverr profile or gig, so we can get a view and tell you where we feel a lacking. Thanks.


Hi all!
I am relatively new to Fiverr platform, but will humbly be Level Two in next few days… Based on my experiences so far, and after searching through all of Fiverr, I have seven tips that should work universally across different Fiverr Gig topics:

  1. Create and upload a unique, personal video
  2. Clearly, and thoroughly, describe the services offered in your Gig description
  3. Full up your FAQs with any/all potential questions that buyers may have about your Gig
  4. If you are new, or starting new Gig, consider offering a special rate or promotional deal
  5. Whether you are new or experienced, offering some sort of guarantee is also a great option! However it must be something that you can 100% follow through with!
  6. Upload good samples of your work, when possible, or share portfolio for clients!
  7. Always be positive!!! :slight_smile: Make every interaction a pleasure for your buyer, and appreciate them for reaching out to you.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes you are right these things 100% workable.
few are here.

  1. Quick response.
  2. Quick Delivery (Don’t wait to end up the time tracker).
  3. Give some Gift services to your clients. Like he need only black and white logo design you can give him 2 to 3
    color full logo designs in free as a gift.
  4. Divide your work in gigs. e.g. your gig contain full website Design so you can divide it into parts like HTML
    code conversion, Data transfer to another Domain, Data Base etc.
  5. Increase your gigs.
  6. Use daily buyer request feature.
  7. Promote your fiverr profile on social media pages.
  8. when you are on vacations or busy with some other things then use vacation mode.

#12 This is my profile, so I would appreciate if you give me some suggestions


You say you do voiceovers in your “About me” section but I don’t see any gigs on your profile offering this type of service.

Additionally I would update your translate gig not to include the word count in the title. Also, 200 words is on the low side so you might miss out on orders because of this.

Next to that, you can consider adding a proofreading gig.

Use the buyer requests section for potential buyers and share your gigs on social media to get some exposure.


Can anyone help me how can I include my offers in my packages ? I can only write my delivery time and revision :confused:





Well, this is a very common question asked by many new sellers. Don’t be disgraced if you couldn’t find enough work, be patient and mean while try to brush up your skills. Apart from the fiverr search try the following tip’s/snippets, it may help you get your first work.

  1. A well constructed profile with adequate portfolios and description will fetch you your first job.
  2. Try sharing your GIG in all the social networking sites and if you have some money to spend then promote your share too.
  3. Always, start your bid/buyer request with the lesser quotation, in this way you will attract some clients and after a while when you get enough reviews increase your prices.
  4. Quality work and better communication is what an avid client looks for, why not give them that.
  5. Always try to complete the agreed work on a stipulated time this shows your credibility towards the work.
  6. If you want to be a full time freelancer than work hard towards your goal no matter what day or time it is.
  7. Always respond to client messages.
  8. Be more generous and courteous in all your communications.
  9. Be more presentable, present your GIG’s, Profile Description, Portfolio, Quotation in a lucid and with correct grammar.

There is noting called IMPOSSIBLE in this world, if you have interest, skills and patience one can easily climb a Mount Everest too.

The Tip’s/Snippets mentioned here may be useful but there are also many other ways to fetch a good work.

Good Luck :+1: for your work and Happy Freelancing!