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How to get payment from fiverr in india

Hi, I’m from india, have earned some money through fiverr, confused in how to get payment as easy as without any tax n charges… Thanks

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Maybe this article can help you:


Is PayPal working in India ? It used to but some time ago I read somewhere that the RBI stopped PayPal in India. PayPal would be much convenient.

I guess people will always try to look for the ways to trick and screw the system.

As I’m aware you can withdraw your funds through Payoneer card.

Please read fiverr help page and their terms and conditions to learn how it works.

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You can use the PayPal also it will be more convenient and easy, and it takes very nominal amount for the transaction and automatically transfer the amount everyday and it will show in your account with in 3 working days.

You can also directly transfer the funds in your bank account but it may cost you little bit more due to different currencies.

You can link your fiverr account to payoneer, from where you can easily transfer funds to your bank account.
Plus payoneer also provide atm cards.

Thanks to all for giving me suggestions… Happy freelancing :grin::+1: