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How to get people buy my gigs?

I have read multiple times that sharing to friends and on social media is a way to increase deals, but the thing is that I do not have friends (who would be interested in buying), nor do my social media have a great reach.
Is there any other way I can get more people to views my gigs? Thanks for reading :slight_smile:



Hi @iateyouremail,

the 3 things I wish I would have known when I started:

  1. You have to get in touch with your customers, especially in the beginning! Use the tool “Buyer Requests” to contact potential customers.

  2. Create specific gigs. There are thousands of gigs like “I will create your logo” - you have to separate yourself from others!

  3. Optimize your gigs. Use the right keywords, tags etc. Also take your time in creating a professional thumbnail for your gig.

With these tips you will get more people to view your gigs very soon!

Good luck with that,


same question please some reply

Thanks for your help! I will try out the steps listed.