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How to get people to buy your gigs?

I know this question has been asked a lot of times. But most of the things I see are quite old. And I want to see someone’s perspective to this topic as of 2017. My question is how to get your gigs get noticed and get people to buy your offers. Thank you in advance.


If the things you mentioned are old, that doesn’t mean they are not valid anymore. All the “old” advice you see on the forum still applies in 2017 :wink:

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I see, thank you for your reply!

I wonder though, To start out is it necessary to, maybe for example ask a friend or someone to one of your gigs and rate it afterwards to stand out a little?

I would advise against that as it will not be an objective rating but rather a subjective one that may be counted as “fake”, not to mention that such gig manipulation schemes are not really allowed on Fiverr :wink:

I understand, as I read it probably outside fiverr forums as one of the tips. Need to find another way than ;/ have posted my gigs on social media but no results yet. That’s why I was wondering ;/

I want my gig to be famous. please help me