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How to get people to respond to my gigs



I have been on this site for a few months and I haven’t gotten anybody to respond to my gigs. And strangely enough I write ads for a living. But I don’t want to bash people on the head with it. How else do I convince people to respond? Also I did try to respond to other people’s request, but no answer. Now what?


you aren’t showing as having any gigs?


You’ll have to create gigs in order to attract clients.

No gigs = no sales.



I did create gigs, but I am still not getting any clients. Or rather, I did create gigs, but it’s not showing for some reason.



I’ve created gigs months ago. There must be something wrong with Fiverr that I can’t create my own gigs.


I think I know why some of you are not seeing that I don’t have any gigs. When I click on Scope and pricing, nothing shows up. So it is Fiverr that is the issue.


So I created a gig. Now the only other step that I have to do is to find examples of scripts that I have written. I have a new laptop because my old one crashed. That’s where some of the examples of ads are.


You aren’t showing any gigs on your homepage. Go to the fiverr homepage then selling then gigs. You should come across a page labeled as my gigs when you’ve selected all that. Next to active there should be a 1 if you have a gig available. Do you see that?



I do see my gigs. They’re all in drafts. How do I get it out of drafts. This is something that Fiverr should fix…


Publish them. Once published they will be LIVE.


Yup you need to publish your gigs …