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How To Get Plagerism Free Work. 100% 5-Happy Years Here

I have been a truly lucky person. I have never had a problem here with getting great work. The key to my secret? Do the work myself. I am a writer and novelist and found the greatest method that not only used by new writers but the pros…Harry Potter-JK-Rowlings and et al. Never worry about the writing being good or bad have something on paper and than hire a seller to heavily edit your work. If you expect someone to do everything for you…its possible but would cost you 10x-20x for a basic gig.

I would say thank you to all the great Fiverr that I have worked with. You guys have helped make me one step closer in writing the next great teen romance novel…Thank You.

-Also a-little bit of common sense and common respect has helped me. I have never given less than 5 star feedback. Pay it forward does work…

That’s true… In the end, Money or anything else will not matter, Our happiness will…

Some of your points are very true. It smart to offer plagiarism-free writing if you can write well. If you cannot write well, it’s best not to plagiarize either, but either offer a different kind of work or hire an editor. I do wish you luck with your own writing and I also do suggest that you use an editor/proofreader for the final product. Thank you for offering a real tip either way. :slight_smile:

That reminds me of another tip that I’ll add for you or other writers who might be interested in writing book-length work but have a hard time stopping to worry about perfection. You are also correct that it’s really important to get a draft done before you worry about the fine details. There is an organization called Nanowrimo. There is a book based on it that you can find, plus the website is free to join so you can use a search engine to find it. Nanowrimo is an awesome way to learn from other writers about getting writing on the page.

@Aunt;Thank You For The Kind Words. Nano was the greatest thing that happen to me.Simple sentences can be great if you work with a proof-reader/editor.

@1717 my friend taught me to cook Tandoori Chicken. Love It. I write cook and take photos.Indian food is just so great.

Deleted by me, my post made no sense…self-editing :slight_smile:

Well, your self edited post was funny! :smiley:

I love Nano too. It’s great to do on your own or with others. Fiverr is an excellent place to find good editors for your finished manuscripts! Happy writing!

Fiverr is great.bottom line @99025 laughing with you lol.

Very nice post :slight_smile: