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How to get projects?


Hi, i am new in fiverr and bedding every day. What should i do that i get projects. I have 10 years experience in graphic designing and can do any type of design but still empty :frowning:


Have you read everything in Fiverr Academy?

If so, then be patient. Make gigs that fully explore what you’re good at doing. Market yourself outside of fiverr.

And then continue to have patience. Because it isn’t a fast journey, it takes a long time to get to level one and level two.

It isn’t a get rich quick scheme.


Ya i agree but can you guide me that how to boost my gigs. U can check my profile if you have seen any mistake so plz let me know. Thanks


use more tags, you’re only using three in the gig I checked.

logo and logo design should be your first two tags on every logo gig you have.

other than that, it looks fine. Make sure you are applying to 10 buyers request every day that are asking for logos. It’s all about how much you want to work to get your gig in front of as many eyes as possible.


U can tell me that what kind of tags i use at my gig? Can u give me the example


you need to do your own work for your business. look at other’s logo gigs and see what tags are popular. Do your own legwork and make your business stand on its own.


I search logo tags and will edit mine also


I found some of “your” logos elsewhere on the internet. Some of those logos that you are using to promote your work look like they might not be your own.

If you have 10 years of experience as a graphic designer, why are you promoting yourself with work that you most likely didn’t create?


Yeah, big no-no, buddy. You ARE using images stolen from the internet. I found many of them via a Google image search. It is illegal to steal other people’s design work, and claim it as your own.

You’re not going to get very far on Fiverr by stealing the work of others.


Yes you r right i will recreate my gig pics. Thanks


I search my PC about my work and combine all logos and i design already so know i will get orders from client?


No, you have NOT changed your gig images to feature your own work. All of your gig cover images and uploaded gallery images are still featuring logos and images stolen from the internet. If you are going to promote yourself as a 10-year veteran of the graphic arts, then you are going to need to feature your own creations in all of your gig images. YOUR logos. YOUR images.

Artists that steal logos and images from the internet, are not successful, honest sellers. If you want to be an honest, successful seller, you’ll use your own logos in all of your gig images.


(If you are really good …)

You have to be visible in the system. It’s the most important thing.



Hello, could you please tell me how to become visible?


Through Hard work and pure dedication :slight_smile:


I can not tell you because I don’t know and my Gig is invisible(at the search bottom) now.


Many good Gigs keep sinking by the way. They are very good, but people don’t see them.


Yes hapening with me .


I think visible mean every time in online mode.


You still have stolen logos on your gig. Do you want us to help you or report you to customer service?