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How to get PROMOTE GIG ON FIVERR feature?

I saw some articles and youtube videos about the new feature on Fiverr for sellers that PROMOTE GIG ON FIVERR itself by giving some bid amount to the Fiverr to promote it to get rank higher. So I think I don’t how to get this new feature in my account or fiverr itself choose and provides this feature to a random seller?.

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It is in beta. you must be chosen by Fiverr. There, is now way to “get” it by applying.

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Hello Thanks for your reply :pray:.
Do you know how to join BETA?

Have a read of this;

I’m afraid, looking at your profile, you’re quite a way off from being eligible at the moment, as you need to be at least a Level 2 seller, and your gig must have at least 30 positive reviews.


Thanks for your reply and telling me the stats to get eligible for this. :pray: :grinning:

how to check that your gig is eligible ?

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I think this feature is only available to beta users.
are you a beta user because as per your profile I think you are in and if you are in then gig eligibility will get to from promote gig dashboard.
please don’t quote me in this because I’m telling by which I saw in videos on youtube.
Hope You got your answer

I am not a beta user, but I have the option. It is not the user that is beta, it is the program. beta means it is a feature Fiverr is testing.

how can i check that in dashboard i can’t find it anywhere ?

You will not find it unless you are selected by Fiverr to take part in their beta testing. You need to read the article posted above by @cubittaudio.

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Can you see the option for promote gig in the top menu?
if not then fiverr had not given access to you for this feature as this is available to selected sellers only and on other side most of the other sellers don’t got this option yet and this will be available to all soon.
But I contacted the customer support regarding this query and see what they told me about this feature

When I got the option, Fiverr gave me $10 to use towards promoting my gig. I got two orders worth $17 before Fiverr took their 20% It cost me about $7 to do so. So I see this promo as being more of a benefit to sellers with gigs that have big price tags.

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i am level 2 seller and i have 1k+ reviews , i got the mail of fiverr last month regarding gig paid promotion but didn’t understand it that time, can you please share the screeshot of dashboard page where it appears ?

If you are in your dashboard, it appears with the dropdown menus across the top of the page, between Analysis and Earnings.

Thank you so much for your help, i think i have nothing like that there , can you please help in another matter regarding gig please ?

You need to make another topic for that or you will get flagged for being off topic. :wink:

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i already had created that topic

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And I commented on it.