How to get promoted to top seller?


I have a curiosity, what are the actual criterias that the fiverr team uses when selected top sellers? I have received notifications that i was nominalized for TRS every month (4 or 5 times I believe) because my stats are Response Rate 100%, Orders Completed 96% and Delivered on Time 97% with more than 1900 5 stars review. I don’t know if I am allowed to share my profile link but I can’t understand what i’m doing wrong.
Any of you guys had a similar experience? did you manage to get TRS?


Yup ! I also manage to get nominated as TRS . There are people with 20k + Reviews 5 star rating . Featured gigs and they are still not able to achieve TRS level. Nobody knows what things they consider while selecting TRS .But I have also stopped caring about the levels and shifted my goals towards building strong client base and maintaining my quality of service since these are the only things that can help me through this journey .


There is a lot of competition out there. Some people have hundreds of orders in pending, it’s crazy. I don’t know if TRS would help me but the fact that I get nominalized so many times made me curious about the criterias that a seller needs to meet in order to actually get promoted.


I have more than 9k complete order and my rating is 4.9 stars. Newer late in delivery. I always get that TRS notification since 15th JAN. I think for qualifying TRS we need to deliver some extra then just stats.
Take extra care of your buyers, Deliver as soon as possible and top most, stay online as much as possible.
If you are full time fiverr seller like me then I think it will not be difficult.


I work full time on Fiverr and i do my best :slight_smile:
I’m not interested in TRS because to be honest, I have lot of work to do anyway + there are a lot of other buyes with big numbers out there, like you for example., but as I said above, I’m just curious. I work on this website since 2013 and I find it a bit of a mystery when i don’t know how some things work.


TRS is not easy to get. I guess it makes their market place a lil more competitive. If you have a lot on your plate, focus on that. Happy Selling :blush: