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How to get promoted?


Hi experts,
I was wondering if there is a way to pay to come up the list of my gig’s category in searchs for some days?

I think I saw that somewhere but I’m not sure…

Thanks in advance!


Hi Adrian,
As per my knowledge, there is no paid ways to promote your gig by Fiverr, the featured gigs you may have seen in the searches are selected by Fiverr custom support itself. Although, you may promote your gig on social media networks, this can help you to improve your impressions. :slight_smile:


You can’t pay Fiverr to appear higher in searches. You can use social media, as suggested, as well as looking on Buyer Requests to see if people want what you can do.

When I started on Fiverr, I used to have a website promoting my services and pointing back to my gigs. This is a good way to develop exposure for what you do.


yeah but I’m at the beginning of being on online market and have no website as well…



I’ll tell a way to get some orders. You can go to buyers requests and send custom offers for buyers requests.

All the best…!!!


We all started at the beginning…

A website doesn’t cost much to produce. There are some great providers on Fiverr.


Well the question is how a new website can help me with it? when nobody knows me right now and there is no traffic there. as I said I’m new in online markets


Hi experts! can we share our gigs links on social media???


Sure we can!just copy the link to your social media


thankuuuuuuuuuu sir
its gr8


Yes you can.
You can also use the promote gig through social media button that is available on fiverr app.


Maybe you can start making a blog. It’s free, use some free platform like blogger or wordpress, start write something and then promote your gig there.

Or in simple way, use your social media platform to promote your gig


well on my social media I offer my work with the price more than 600-700$ per work and if they see that I do that here with 20% of that price, it would be weird
but if I make a blog who would ever see that blog? there are millions of blogs out the chance is almost zero right?


The type of gigs you offer would be perfect for using YT to market them. :slightly_smiling_face: