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How to get quick response from Customer Support to your Ticket :)

Hi Everyone

A few points you should always keep in mind when contacting support

  1. When you contact Customer Support .Please do check under what category your problem goes correctly to get a quicker response .

    2)Clearly specify your problem .

    3)If needed add screen shots ,order number correctly ,the url if its needed beforehand so that CS don’t have to waste time asking for the same.

    4)When you expect a response from real customer support you need to be a real person and write as clear as you can and don’t be a bot :).It speaks for itself if u behave as a bot then the ticket gets delayed.

    I think if you keep these simple things in mind while posting a ticket to customer support you will get fast response as customer support are also human and would like to reply to human’s faster :slight_smile:

    If you are not selecting the correct category and posting off in watever category you find then it will take lots of time as the CS has to forward that to the right category Departmet CS and that will take more time if you don’t post your ticket under the correct category.

    Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Its been 17 days since I havent gotten a response from the fiver support team, I sent a recap 6 days ago, and have yet to hear a response. What happened? They used to always respond within 3 days.

My ticket was a question on why are there 3 withdrawals showing as pending, when in fact I only ordered one withdrawal… Still to this day, the withdrawals are still showing as pending.


Actually here I’m also a normal member as you. but in real time the above points always helped me in getting a fast response so wanted to help others with this info.

As per your query in general whenever we click on withdraw button a confirmation link is sent to your attached email and u are supposed to click it to confirm it else if you don’t want to withdraw you can just leave it without clicking .so may be you clicked 3 times so it shows 3 withdrawals and as you dint confirm they are shown as pending thaz all .I think there is nothing to worry about it.


I have send a customer support request more than 3 days.
The request is that fiverr has restricted my account because of the disability of verify my ID. Here i have no licence or passport except my national id .Because of another language it is not supporting…Now I can not do my works in fiverr. .

Please consider my request.Thank you

I used to contact support by email

This is forum, not Customer Support. It’s just sellers and buyers here; when staff shows up, it’s for announcements, and they don’t respond to tickets here.

In short, there’s nothing that anyone here can do about your request.

That’s great to know. Will use this next time.

Topic is 8 years old.

CS is currently overwhelmed (2020 covid pandemic) and taking up to 10 days to respond.