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How to get rank my gig, I am new and want to work eficiently here

As far I know in gig there have to a good title and inclue it the sutiable kewword, after that need to write about on firrer seller gig description, need to add the good decoration and services details. In you whole gig destription you need to add some kewwrod by searching from google and fiverr.

I trying to add such lavel of gig description and details. but the gigs do not ranking well. What need to do? I do not understand. Please help me to give some tips.

Thank you


Usually it’s at least 70000 gigs on average in each category.
So if everyone fills out mandatory fields that you described why someone else should have better ranking if all gigs are the same?

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Yes, It the maybe the real cause, But How the buyer get the actual fiver who know best and give the best work for him ? Generally I thinking about it

fiverr doesn’t give work to anyone. It’s a marketplace and buyers here choosing whom they want to work with based on their portfolio. quality, price etc.


Okay, Ma’am! I got it