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How to get rank my gigs

when i got a level one seller my all gigs are gone at the last page . for that my impression and click are totally down. what should i do for this ?



This might be a reason for the decline in your GiG Impressions and Views. But here are a few more possible practical reasons for this -

  1. When your gigs were new, they were shown in the “Newest Arrivals” sections, so that could be a reason for the increased impressions and views at first.
  2. Fiverr rotates the GiGs on intervals so, your GiG could have lost it’s ranking position and could have been moved down the list.
  3. Don’t conclude the Weekly stats much, they goes up and down quite frequently. Concentrate on the Monthly stats

Forget the impressions, pay attention to the clicks! You want as many clicks as your can get. Clicks could mean success!

If your gig isn’t getting clicks, then you can start to worry. Low clicks means that you need to improve your gig and make it more attractive. Capture the attention of buyers, and they are likely to take an interest in your gig.

Once you capture their attention, then the Orders stat comes into play. Above all, you want orders. But you need to have an attractive gig – written in proper English. If you don’t have a professional, attractive, valuable gig, written in spectacular English, then you’re probably not going to get any orders.

Show buyers that you care. Treat your gigs like a business.

If your gigs don’t look professional, if buyers can’t even read what you write, then don’t expect any orders. If you don’t care to be the best at what you do, buyers aren’t going to care about buying from you. Be professional. Look like you care. It’s as simple as that.


thanks a lot for letting me known


this post is so helpful. thank you so much


Really helpful post Thank You😁


You can create new trendy gig in that time. It’s very helpful :slight_smile:


Excellent post good for everyone it

Find out the ranked keyword, Create a a wonderful Gig Description & Gig Image .
Than make a good price for your specific service.

Finally publish and marketing your gig in Social media…

I think that is enough for rank your gig.