How to get rated


How can I get rated?

I don’t seem to pull customers because maybe i’m still unrated?


Ok first things first a profile picture that is YOU, as yours currently is a stock image from iStock Photo, I cant stress this next point enough “Upload a Video” Sam Cornwell tells you this every time you create a gig. Shout about them in the forums but please use the My Gigs section.

Be yourself, be true.

Bye for now :slight_smile:


^what Anarcho said.

Also, get a profile picture. A picture will ‘pull’ customers


You get rated by completing a sale and getting FEEDBACK (ideally thumbs up feedback).

If you have a friend of family member, ask them to order first from you as a favor to get you rated.


Also having video examples of your gig offers will drive a lot of traffic :slight_smile:


Get a profile picture, fill out your profile bio, and make sure to explain your gigs in detail. If you’ve done all this and still no rating, good reviews are the best thing. When you finish an order, perhaps leave a little comment with the delivery saying something along the lines of, “A good rating would be much appreciated”. Often times, buyers just forget to do this step, but will if you suggest it. I wouldn’t go groveling for them though. That’s tacky.

Good luck!