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How to get refund on fiverr?

Hi there, my seller have not given the work that I have payed for and its been long before the deadline, I would like to know how it is possible to get a refund so I can get my money back, thank you

If the work is not in lakuka buyer, usually a red clock and declare the job done late.

You can ask the seller to make the cancellation together.
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I had an issue with with one of your service provider crokservice. I litteraly flushed 260 dollars down the toilet. They did nothing on my website with the excuse that my site is made on symfony. I don’t know if it is out of guilt but they made me an offer for a free gig worth according to them 100 dollars. I told them that i accept the gesture and would like the job to be completed as well. That was a week ago, since then no answer.I can send you the transcript of our conversations but i don’t see your e-mail anywhere. Well I give you mine we are a tiny startup and this money could have been used elswhere. please contact to solve this problem

Hi, if the seller hasn’t provided you with the work the you can go ahead and cancel the order, open up the resolution centre tab at the top of the order you will most likely be refunded into your fiverr account, you can withdraw your money using PayPal if that is the case

But whatever you do, don’t forget your paypal email address or Fiverr keeps your money. What idiot set up this website disabling the ability to change your paypal address?

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