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How to get regular orders on my gig?


I am level 2 seller on fiverr but i not get regular order on my gig. I want to get regular order on my gig but there is how i can improve my gig to get regular orders from buyer and do professional work I am professional in my work.

Please tell me about my profile.

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Dear Arif:

I recommend 2 things:

  1. Add video to your gigs.
  2. Create a blog in which you teach people how to do what you do, with a link to your Fiverr profile. This may involve a YouTube channel in which you create relevant YouTube videos, an Instagram account, whatever. If you can create compelling social media images that people on social media find compelling and make it easy for them to find you on Fiverr, they may very well seek you out on Fiverr.

Good luck,

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