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How to get rejected by a seller

Here’s an example of a message that made me reject a potential client:

“Hello from the [COMPANY NAME REDACTED]. We’re a full-suite creative Facebook marketing agency. With the help of our clients, We got the title of Canada’s #1 Facebook Marketing Partner and our ads have been viewed over 2 Billion times in 2019 alone. With all that information acquired in one year, we have decided to write a book on what we learned from 2 Billion impressions. We’d love to get your help on this project! We’re looking for a Facebook marketer who: - Understand what Lookalike Audiences, Custom Audiences and Core Audiences are. - Understands Facebook Business and Ads manager. - Well versed in Facebook metrics. - Must be willing to write long form content - Is willing to give tips about strategy, campaign optimization, and creative best practices on Facebook. - Agency experience is a plus, If this sounds like something you’re interested please submit a sample writing piece as a cover letter. Just to get a feel of your writing style, Please write a short (no more than 500 words) blurb about 1 of the following topics: Audiences: - What is hashing and how is the process done - What is a seed audience and what resources can you use to make a seed audience. Creative tools: - Facebook Creative hub & Overlay tool - How to measure if creative is successful (What KPI’s to look for and what they mean) Agency (Plus if you have agency experience): -Why hire an agency and what to look for in an agency [REDACTED] - if you would like to know more about us…”

Buyers, you’re not hiring a full-time employee, and even if you were, mob job applications require a resume, sometimes a cover letter, rarely any more than that.


This is a scam. They’re basically sending this message out to farm out free creation of all the text they need for their e-book under the guise of asking for samples. If I was you, I’d report them.

The beauty of people like this is that they only ever attract desperate budget sellers who make a hash of everything.


I tried to check out their website and my Chrome browser gave me a warning that it was an unsecured website, and they might be trying to steal my information. Thank goodness for technology!

Good thing I rejected them. I agree with your insight, why hire a writer when you can get job candidates to write for you? I will report them.



If an impressive agency like that isn’t willing to offer ordering a gig for that 500 words sample they want, the scam alert traffic light is on dark orange.
That would have an excellent chance at getting rejected by me too.


And by everyone else who doesn’t have gigs for writing books or articles.


This error usually means the website doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Chrome doesn’t say the whole truth. SSL secures your private data (e.g credit card info) which I doubt will be required on a website that is not selling anything.

That said, I agree with everyone else that these guys are just out to scam people.


It’s an error that scares people. My blog doesn’t sell anything directly (Amazon affiliate), yet when I got an SSL, my traffic went through the roof.


Obviously they were looking for free content. But they would get a lot of takers for sure, a lot of free well-researched content from desperate people.