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How to get response from buyer request reply?

  • There are several ways to initiate a buyer request so I’ll offer just one to keep this as simple as I can. If you’ve had difficulty finding just the right seller or you have a unique request, you can go directly to the request area by clicking on your username at the top of the regular Fiverr page, select My Orders, and then selecting Request a Gig. Then click the big green button to Request a Gig.
  • You have a brief 120 characters to describe your need. You will also select a category and a subcategory.
  • I’ve seen many Buyer Requests that were typed out in a hurry. That’s it. I assume this is due to folks who get frustrated and just stop there, click categories, and submit. This isn’t going to work well since a seller reading it will have about a third of the information needed.
  • Another common mistake buyers make is to write something like this ‘I want the writer, native USA English to write weekly. MUST send samples or be ignored.’ This is going to yield very frustrating results if you get answers. Sellers have VERY limited options to reply to you and they cannot message you directly except in a brief field they are given. They may think “I don’t know how to send you samples” and they either respond with a mismatched gig and get ignored, or they just don’t respond to you at all.

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