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How to get revenue out of Fiverr?

Hi there,

I have been trying to get my earnings out of Fiverr but having difficulties. I have clicked on the ‘withdraw to paypal’ option, it then refreshes the page. The only other option on the page is CVS which I assumed was the button to transfer but it seems to be some kind of file and now says ‘processing’. Its still showing that my funds are still being kept in fiverr, so I was wondering what do I click to transfer them into paypal? Do you need to earn over a certain amount? Should I be seeing another button or another page?

Fiverr revenues are not working for many people including myself. They have given no timetable as to when the issues will be fixed, nor are they responding to tickets. Don’t look forward to getting that money anytime soon. My gigs are paused until it’s fixed.