How to get rewiews on gig


i want some reviews on my gigs can somebody help?


If people haven’t actually purchased your gigs, you can’t get reviews on them. Maybe work towards getting buyers first?


We cant review. Only buyers can review you.


but we people can exchange views with each other … it will be beneficial for both persons so what do you think guys?


That’s against TOS…


so we shouldn’t do this?


Correct. You should NOT do this. Doing so could get your account banned, suspended or deleted by Fiverr. Rules are rules. We need to follow them if we wish to remain active on Fiverr.


Yes. It’s not allowed, as it’s dishonest and doesn’t reflect the true skill level of the seller.
Also, I like how you didn’t even try to tweak the text on this. Try using your own work?


oh thanks for advices i am new on fiverr … and somaginer thanks i already started work and i completed an order and got a 5 star review :smiley:


I think you misunderstood what I meant. You’re supposed to use your own work for sample images. I was just pointing out that you were using someone else’s art, which is misrepresenting yourself and your portfolio. Why not let your clients see your own skill level instead of someone else’s?


oh ok i got it … i will use my own work thanks