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How to get rid of a bad client?

Hi all,
I am going through a very bad client. I mean very worst client.
I give him more work than he ask. He never appreciate my work not even make delivered my work. it automatically marked as delivered after 3 days.
actually I optimize his website theme for speed and after optimization mistakenly he got an error so I turn one optimization off and error fix. from that day till today he is sending message regarding error which nothing to do with my work and blaming me for all errors. I turn off optimization and even tell him to refund money but he won’t agree.
i am afraid if I stop working for him he give me 0 star and destroy my newly start fiverr career.
No matter how hard I able to fix all his error he find some error which only occur in his browser and not shown in anyone other. that client is from hell.
Please help me

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That is understandable.

  1. You should have kept backup
  2. You can contact CS for cancelling the order.

Clients are of different kinds, think about how they would feel , if the same thing would happen when you would be the client

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Man, I appreciate work of a person no matter he gives me what I want or not. bu my client don’t even use the word like “god”, “thanks”, “ok” , “nice”