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How to get rid of negative impressions on the gig?


I hope you all are doing well.Its been months that my gig is getting negative impressions. I edit my gig many times changed the tags but its not getting back on track.Even though I have good reviews on that gig and 100% rating. All order or clients I am getting from buyer requests.its quite a problem for me now.Please help.Please also check out my gig and tell me what is wrong in the gig and how I can improve that. link is below


There is no such thing as “negative impressions”. If you look at your gig’s impressions, they all start from 0, there’s nothing with “-” sign, so there are no negative impressions, only increasing/decreasing impressions.

So I assume you mean “decreasing impressions” instead of negative, as there are no minus/negative signs. This happens to a lot of us, and it can simply be because Fiverr is testing out some new search algorithms:

However, seeing what your gig offers, it can also mean that there might be a lot of competitors who do the same thing that you do, and that their gigs might be more optimized than yours. Here’s another read you might want to consider for this case:


Thanks Brother…and yes I meant decreasing impressions…


Has the search test being updated?