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How to get rid of the Mek-Sel mentality (STEPS TO BECOME A DOER AND SCORE YOUR FIRST SALE)

Lately, the forum is full of the same topics on how to get sales, which are getting old and boring. Over the time some of the regular forum members invented a new word for those people, MEK-SEL

Mek-Sel (noun) - a new person that joined Fiverr, doesn’t have the necessary skills, his or her English sucks, they tend to steal other people’s work, and yet somehow they bitch about not getting sales.

I know that some of you guys are still beginners and that the concept freelancing is a whole new world for you. However, you don’t seem to understand that success doesn’t come overnight, and as Jon Bass says this it’s not one of those websites to “Get Rich Quickly”. In order to get results on Fiverr, you should sweat your :peach: off by working on improving yourself. Nope, I am not going to tell you how to implement your tips, as you are the ones that should be doing it. This thread would only give you some guidelines which would help you lose the Mek-Sel Mentality and become a DOER instead

For further references in this thread, I would use the term “beginners” instead of “mek-selers.”

Before implementing or reading any of this three rules make sure that you actually have knowledge of the English language and of the English grammar. This is the key to communication, if you buyers spots, and most of them CAN spot that your English ain’t that good, it’s less likely for them to place an order from your gigs.

Rule Number One: How to chose what to offer in this HUGE marketplace?

YOU and most of the beginners are new to Fiverr, and generally new in the freelancing world. Therefore, you are still in the phase of thinking what to offer or you are either in the phase of picking up/defining skills.

Start with something simple, something that you are good at, and that you do have experience of. Never start with something that you have zero experience in it. You would be doomed to fail, you won’t get a sale, but if you do you would get negative reviews. You don’t go to your barber to fix your teeth, you go to the dentist, right? Consider this just like that.

I have noticed that most of “mek-sel” people offer writing and proofreading gigs, but guess what, their grammar, style, and punctuation suck. Therefore, if you are not fluent in English, avoid gigs which are connected to writing, proofreading, and editing.

Rule Number Two: How to set up my gigs to mek-sel?

I assume that you implemented my first rule. If not, do not proceed any further, get back and work until you are good at something.

Well, congrats you came to the step of setting up your gigs. It’s crucial for your gigs, and you as a beginner to have an awesome, informative and error-free description which isn’t contradictory to your offering and your packages. It’s encouraged that you go ahead and scout your competitors to read their descriptions, and analyze their pricing and packages. HOWEVER NEVER STEAL THEIR DESCRIPTIONS THAT’S LAME and yes, that would mislead your buyers, and you will get a negative review (for which you will :cry: here in the ranting pot), guess what, many people would set you straight, and you won’t like it.

Okay, now let’s assume you have an awesome description which sets you unique from the other people, in other words, it makes you stand out from your competition. Now it’s time for your gig photos, think of something that would be in line with your description, DO NOT STEAL IT FROM OTHER SELLERS, it should be your own work, and many buyers can see that you had stollen it. Plus, if you get reported which is highely likely, you would lose your gigs. So, yeah it should be your original work.

Rule Number Three: How the heck do I get my first sale?

Now you have followed my tips, you have great gigs, with your own descriptions, and with your own interesting gig photos. However, you still haven’t gotten your sale, and just two minutes passed since you implemented my tips? Ups, that’s not gonna happen. You should be patient, for some sellers they make their first sale in a couple of days, for other sellers it takes longer.

Okay, your gig ranks low in the search results? Be proactive, promote your gigs.

Have this on your mind, by promoting your gigs, I don’t mean that you should spam other fellow sellers. I mean that you should google “How to promote my online business”, I bet you’ll get millions of results which are not spamming and they are great. Develop your own marketing strategy, chose your target audience and sell. Again, there is a ton of literature that you can find online.


  • Never use the words: dear, bro, sir, mam, pal,mate
  • Don’t steal profile photos, always use a photo of you, a cartoon of you, or you can use a logo which is custom made for you.
  • Don’t use templates for your gig photos.
  • Read the ToS.

I got inspired by @Woofy31 to write this topic, so I give him a credit.


I’m reading this and laughing my butt off at 1:30. I hope my voice wake up my neighbors.
Your definition of mek-sels was…well, too funny.

Laughing aside, it is true that people complain too much, steal too much, and dream a bit too much too. Fiverr ain’t a get-rich-quick site.
I mentioned this in another post, but I ordered a gig to create a video message for people who complain about not getting sales, I will be posting it as soon as the order is delivered.
I am aware that neither your WONDERFUL post or the video message will stop the Mek-Sels from popping up, but hopefully will inspire some people to do the right thing.

BTW gig-freak, I have made posts like this in the past, and within a few hours my inbox was bombarded by help-me-I-saw-your-post spam messages.

Good luck, my dear. (woops, I said dear)


You were doing so good! You were sooooo close!


Awesome post.

I’m gonna start calling you the Saint of Mek-sell. :angel:


It takes time, I agree. I have tweaked and promoted my gig almost daily for three weeks. I have watched my impressions go from less than 10 a day to over 100. That’s great! It just takes time and that is what most people don’t want to deal with. The longer and more that you work on it, the better it will get. Get out your shovel and dig for work. There’s no shortcut.


I wish I could like this multiple times. Seeing all the people spamming BR with their proofreading gigs when they can’t even tell an apostrophe apart from a comma…


I tried to be informative. :smile:

I mean if we somehow help at least one person to not be a mek-sel, we have a win. :blush:

Thx lot dear?? Gout complimentz!

Exactly! Lamest people ever.


Thx lot dear?? Gout complimentz!

hi dear. u chek out my gigs. wy i not mek any sell?i,m proofreader with 25 year experience


dear honorobale bro sir, mi 2, me is dizgnr with 10 yr expirince in MS Paint?? Wy nou order???



(20 char…)


Wait, don’t drift away from the original topic :eyes: - this is not a Meksell Language thread :smiley:

We’ll get such a thread, too, have patience my darlings!

Maybe this thread would’ve caught the Mek-Sellers attention if it was written in Meksell language ? :eyes:


Maybe ?U edit can,okay hnrble :dog2:

I honr yr adice. Thx 4 suggestions?


That’s a good point actually. We may have to title this post “Dear, this how I mek many many Fiverr sell”.



Hey, Mark Freaky! I’m sitting over here giggling my sexy :peach: off. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

FYI~ I moved your post to TFS… Let us hope that the mek sells peeps READ, UNDERSTAND and UTILIZE these peachy tips. :sunglasses:

P.S ~ I see you’ve used my trademark :peach: gosh we’re so much alike. :joy:

Stellar write-up! So enjoy a :beer: for your effort.


Will you buy? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. Do you want a six pack or 12 pack? lol Whatever you like, I’ll buy it! :stuck_out_tongue:
Just as long as you promise me, you’ll not get drunk or make drunken rants (like certain peeps), then I’m good. :sunglasses:

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I swear to my :eggplant: garden, that I won’t make anything bad. :joy:


Spelling Bee…
Pronouncer: Your word is Mek-Sel
COntestant: What?!!
Pronouncer - Mek Sel - A bad Fiverrer
Contestant: What is the language of origin?
Pronouncer: Unknown
No seriously… what does Mek-Sel come from and how did you guys come up with it?


It’s actually “mek-sell”, and it comes from “make sales” - there were (are?) quite a lot of newbies who come to the forum and beg for sales or ask for help to make sales, or spam in your Fiverr inbox asking you to help them “mek sells”. See below :arrow_down:


The first use of the expression “mek-sell” is found in the post by the Fiverr seller Emmaki titled “Newbie Rant”, dating back to March 17, 2016:

This advice stands for the 100 other newbie “how I mek sell” requests, too!