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How to get rid of the Mek-Sel mentality (STEPS TO BECOME A DOER AND SCORE YOUR FIRST SALE)

I was wondering if she was the one who coined the term.

Thanks for doing the research I was too lazy to do. :stuck_out_tongue:


In addition to what @Woofy31 and @pacquo said, the “sell” part of “mek sell” comes from all the newbies asking how to make “sells” instead of “sales”.


This meaning of this thread was for educational purposes that are meant for newbies. The idea was not to make you laugh, nor mock or humiliate someone. I learned that some people found this thread offensive, I can’t see why, and that’s the reason for adding this disclaimer.

Ok but remember not to cross the line please. :eyes:

I am stating my point. You edited your message which said, “sure it was”. I get the point, and I know that you want everyone to be treated equally. Which is fair.

However, this thread was for educational purposes without any background.

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Again, my personal opinion, this thread was a good one.

You are actually trying to educate people.

People who are probably never going to read your content, but still.

The fact that we joked around a bit on this thread, does not mean you need to create spin-offs like that other one, whose sole purpose was making fun of others.

Besides, my favorite pastime is replying to meksells. Please don’t take that away from me.


I am out of likes, Frank, so here it is in an emoji form :+1:


Its hard, but hoping to get some good work, hope we had quality buyer requests.
They some times annoy

Great summation of valuable points!

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Just saw this and I have to agree 100%. That is the best definition of Mek Sel ever


Ahhhhh you mean there is no easy button!!!

I clicked on it, but the button doesn’t work. Please fix it.


These are good tips but will the ones who need them read this? Part of the problem is lack of reading.