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How to get rid of warnings TOS

over the last 3 months i got 2 TOS warnings and my id is demoted and days of warnings reset to 0. what will happen if i get another warning after 30 days? my id will be block or would i get another warning and demoted again ?. any suggestions please.

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You can’t.

Warnings will remain on your account. If you incur another infraction(s) it could be bad. :grimacing:

Just try your best not to mess up again. Read the ToS periodically!


It depends on what you did.
I am sure if you or we go against the fiverr rules then they check how far we go like should he get warning or block out so it’s up to what you/we did or do. I think.


I fully agree with you.

what happen if i get more warnings in future ?

The users here can only speculate. These questions should be aimed at and addressed by CS.
Since we don’t know what caused the warnings in the first place.