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How to get "RISING TALENT" badge?

I search some gigs. I see search result some gigs have a new badge. This badge has “RISING TALENT” HOW TO GET THIS?


It’s all in the hands of Fiverr admin I believe, you can contact CS if you want to clarify on their basis of choosing such sellers…


This is a replacement for “New Seller”. That way someone with 100 reviews that was demoted is not labeled “new”.

To answer your question, you would need to be demoted from your level 2 status to no level. Don’t think that is what you want.


Wow, even I didn’t know that. Ha ha, thanks for pointing that out, Logan! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for this details.:grinning:

Are you sure? Why doesn’t it say it on all demoted sellers who are below level 1?

Can you tell us where you got this information please? Was it from an official Fiverr source?

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Not sure where the post is that originally mentioned it. Nothing said about ALL demoted sellers. I would recommend Fiverr CS to tell you why each individual seller does or does not have it. However, I can tell you what the label means.

If we don’t have an official Fiverr source, how can we know it is for demoted sellers?

Sorry Paul. The one minute that I was given to find this sourced information, for others, was not enough. Here is a quote from the post. The official info can be found on Sellers Central.

What does the “Rising Talent” badge on a Gig mean?
When your Gig is handpicked by our Editorial Team, it receives a “Rising Talent” badge. This means your Gig will receive meaningful marketplace exposure and credibility.
Please keep in mind that the Handpicked status is temporary. The chosen Gigs will be displayed randomly and the badge may be removed by the Editorial Team.

EDIT: I know this quote doesn’t mention it, but there is an reply in a post from a Fiverr staff member mentioning this is a BETA to add temporary credibility to sellers. Only sellers that noticed (per post) were demoted from level 1. My opinion, is that this is a beta test for the new PPC system and “Rising Talent” will be the PPC sellers. Again, my 2 cents.


We have an official source - for what the badge means, that is:

And sorry for posting the same quote, Logan hadn’t yet posted when I did. :wink:

It’s here, under General/Miscellaneous if anyone wants the link.


But that’s nothing to do with “Demoted Sellers” which is what your previous post said

That way someone with 100 reviews that was demoted is not labeled “new”.

Perhaps you could edit that post, as it looks like inaccurate information.

Again, I apologize for not getting the information in the speed that you request.

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Agreed. Let me know when you can find the information to disprove this and I will edit it immediately.

It’s not about disproving (and I am not criticizing you) - I am just saying that you mentioned it was for demoted sellers, and there is nothing in the official explanation that states that - therefor, the implication it is for demoted sellers is inaccurate. That’s all.

I’m just looking for accurate information to be posted, so that when others search the forum, they get the right info.

Did they notice it on their gig or someone else’s gig?
Do you have a link to that thread please?

There’s one person who said he had the “Rising Talent” badge but he joined in Oct 2017 and has 9 reviews and as far as I know hasn’t been demoted.

and i saw someone … with no reviews … new seller status … with a … RISING TALENT badge


dont want to name … names

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Thanks for conversation