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How to get safe from fake buyers?

Hi, I hope you are all doing well in your field.
I am a seller on Fiverr. 4 months ago a buyer placed a custom order on my gig. I met the requirements and delivered the work within stipulated time. But, the buyer kept on demanding multiple revisions and I did so. At the end even I worked on multiple revisions which were also endorsed by some of the rated sellers that these were best. But, she continued… I asked her that if she is not satisfied she may cancel the order. But, she said that she is now satisfied after that she left 1.7 review and the completed order was marked as incomplete and the payment was returned to the buyer. My question is that why there is an insecurity for the seller?
Hope it will get better.
Please give some suggestions Have a good day. Thank you


Well, you do offer unlimited revisions, so there is nothing wrong with her requesting revisions. I will suggest you limit your number of revisions to 3 at most to avoid this situation again.

Also, the buyer is allowed to leave whatever review she wishes. If what she wrote in her review is true, she is well within her rights to give you the rating you got. Judging from the review, my advice for you would be to work on your business communication.

Moreover, how did “rated sellers” endorse your work?


Check this out:


They said the first work you delivered was also ok and the revisions you made were also ok. Furthermore, there was no revision in the offer.

That is not the impression I get from the review. The buyer said she asked you to please check if the file you delivered was a current version, which is fine to ask since it seemed work was missing from the file. It seems from the review that you then snapped back at the buyer.

Of course, we do not know what is true as we did not see what transpired, but the buyer has given a glowing review to another seller, so it does not seem like she is impossible to please.

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Yes but even with that she has his work for free if i understood well.


A review was left, so the order was completed, which means he got paid. She also said she hired another seller to complete the work as she could not use the work delivered.

As for the revisions that he says were not included, I think it is fair for the buyer to ask for a revision as the delivered work was incomplete.

EDIT I was mistaken. The order was cancelled.

I 100% agree with you in the matters of revisions. As I had experience of UNLIMITED REVISIONS and that was not so good.


Seems legit, but i never understood people who offer unlimited revions, it’s obvious that people are gonna abuse of it, an unhappy buyer could even create another account to revenge and abuse of revisions and ruin a profile.


But then this happened

Then again, according to the review, there was a lot missing from the delivered work.


Sorry, I think I am too sleepy. Thank you, @catwriter. You were right, @psykkopatte :slight_smile:

I think a cancellation was fair as well as the work seems to have been incomplete.

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Exactly :slightly_smiling_face:

All I can say is that, it was all fraud from her side. Well it can be seen from the other reviews as well, it is not my practice to deliver the wrong.
Thank you

Thank you everyone for the feedback. Stay blessed and have a good time.

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I do some form of market research as well.

I don’t do some work that requires hours of crawling various internet and getting information, there is some request that asks for the name of the headmaster of all high schools, their email, their mobile number, etc… Those are impossible to work with. Having 95% filled with “NA” might not be intentional.

That being said, that buyer gave a very thoughtful review to another seller in great length…

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The seller who received the glowing review offers something that has my eyes rolling. This is his gig description…

I can comfortably and professionally handle your medical and nursing papers. This includes comparative studies, white papers, medical and nursing assignments etc

@jouneyd Assuming this order also revolved around medical field, I see why your delivery may have not been up to the mark. Do not take on projects that you’re not sure about. Though, it’s only a guess. I don’t mean to hurt or disrespect.

On the other hand, one bad review won’t hurt you much.

It might be beneficial (if possible) to state in your reply of the review that the order was cancelled instead.

Good luck.


It’s really unfair but there’s nothing to do.

I didn’t went in to look at his gigs… yes, it’s troubling.

I have posted about 100 times over the past month NOT to offer Unlimited Revisions.

I’m not sure where new Sellers are finding the information encouraging unlimited revisions.

I understand the desire to please a Buyer but, your skill and the quality of the product you provide should be enough.

When I am using Fiverr as a Buyer and see unlimited revisions listed, I skip past that Gig as it tells me that the Seller is not confident in their abilities.

Be brave, limit your revisions and get better at what you offer.