How to Get Sale from a New Gig


Hi There,

I am new on the fiverr and just want to know how I can get sale. I have joined fiverr about a week ago but did not get any sale. Please guys see on my fiverr profile and let me know if I can do anything special or it is ok. I will be thankful to all of you guys. Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:




Hey :slight_smile:

some tips: Start With a video promoting your Gig from day one!! its really important belive me once the video is active, youll get orders fast, 2. provide a good clean description of your gig, people love it, 3 the tags you use and the title should conatin atleast 2,3 keywords of your gig for better SEO.

do these and youll definitely will get some orders :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot dear for this informative and nice info.


hey always happy to help

ps : im a guy (so no dears pls :slight_smile:



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