How to get sales in fiverr.A big help for newbie :)


I am started on fiverr in april 12th and make 5 sales.
I will suggest you some quick point ,which help you to get more sales.

1- quality- make quality gig and quality profile
2- be professional - use professional pro pic
3- be good at english - atleast like me :slight_smile:
4- selection of gig topic- research and select good Gig topic before make
5- initial promotion - fiverr search,fiverr forum, social media
6- quantity - create more can create upto 7 you get seven chance to get order :slight_smile:
7- be active in fiverr : try always available in fiverr.which help you to lead sales

Please provide me my first job please

Very helpful. i remember my first trying to get my first sale


The write up is very helpful. Still trying to get my first sale


Very helpful. Thanks a lot.


Thank you very much @irfansafar


Thanks I’m going to proceed with this step soon.


Thanks for your awesome tips. Really great topics. I am bit understand by “fiverr search” Can you explain it shortly, please?


Very helpful post thanks!


Thanks for the advice! I will take it in count. Is not easy to start here but reading information here its really helpfull.


Awesome tips for new sellers


I think he say about “tags”


Good tips! Although I don’t think profile picture matters at all. Except if it has a hot chick in it, then that does usually bring additional sales, LOL.

From my experience your customer support quality and uniqueness of your gigs is the main factor. If it’s same as everyone else is offering, then offer more instead than others do.


Short article but was really helpful. I would like to throw a light on profile picture though, i believe it is not that important, we need to emphasize more on Portfolio’s and GIG’s to present well in front of customers.

Thanks for the contribution!

I agree with you. @adsensewizard :+1:

Happy Working!


Very helpful posts. Thank you for sharing. I’m newbie and need something like this :wink:


still need orders ):


Thank you so much for valuable tips


Inspiring post. Thank you