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How to get sales in your new gig? My own exp about this

Hi, It was so fast when today is march and I’ve joined Fiverr for ~6month with 100% 5-star rate, 200 order completed and I found 1000$ for 1 week working. And today I would like to share with you some of my own exp.

When I was new, I saw some great seller have only 1 gig in their profile and he/she is top rated seller. And I saw people with many gigs have the same problem: They have 1 main gig and many sub gig, the main gig got a lot of sales and sub gig got few or no sales, why?

In my opinion, Fiverr got this cool thing you have to learn: You will get “wet times” and “dry times”.

“Wet times” is you will be busy in a bulk of order, you have to work 7 days/week and from the beginning of the day to 2 am to solve all the order.

“Dry times” is you have free times about 10 15 days with no sales, even 1 months with no sales. That made you so confused and ask yourself is there something wrong with your gig?

Nope, there nothing wrong if you are selling good then met Dry times, nothing need to change, just w8 for the wet one :D. Sometimes the whole category is drop sales like you for 1 month. So don’t worry about this one, when you got dry times, just training yourself better, this times is so priceless for you to training.

I found one key point to get sales on new gigs is: When you create new one gig and it 0 sales. Then a buyer coming and want to order your gig. Just throw a custom offer FOR YOUR NEW GIG ( the gig got 0 sales). No matter its suite or not.

Example: They order infographic gig, you just throw any gig you would get sales with it, such as your new one: icon gigs example.

When you done your order, you a review in this gig and 1 sales, this is a critical key to getting more sales in your new gig. IT WORK!!!, then several day later, you will get new order on icon design :)),

I currently work on many gigs: infographic, icon design, redesign layout document, business card, chart/graph etc…

And all of them all got sales. This is great when your infographic gig got dry spell, but your icon gig is in wet times, cool right? Then you will busy all the times and draw more money.

Try to spread your gig into many categories, cause sometimes this category dry but in another one is wet, who know :D.

One last thing: Make your gig sample the best design you got, this is main key point.

I created new gigs and since than no orders or massage regarding my gig.

Thank you (Y)

Great tip on throwing one of the gig extras for free to get the gig off the mark. I’ll try that as I have a brand new gig and need to get it off the ground.

Great idea Thanh, I will try that as well :slight_smile:

Great Tips Thanks :slight_smile:

Great Tips Thanks

Good to know this useful tip! Thanks.

Thank you. Useful tips.


Good tip .

Great and helpful especially for me.

1)When did you create the gig ?If it is still new then wait for some days it will be start going.
2)Do you use all your buyer requests daily? Because when we make new Gigs or we are new in Fiverr almost 90% of gig orders we get through buyer requests.I myself is a very new just 17 days old user and i already Got 6 Positive reviews and 9 orders done.
3)As in the above Post it is mentioned that make your Gig a sample one means unique one.
4)Make the title of the Gig Short and to the Point i should say like a Tagline…

Such a great idea and very special to put some little efforts to increase the business
Thanks a lot for these useful tips

Good info.

I had with my main gig loads of sales, especially in October and Noweber. I made per month aprox 1000$. In December I felt down from top in subcategory to almost last and I was and still I am by rating far the best in our category. However, there is one gig or few more with rate 4,2 - 4.5 and those are always on top in subcategory. I dont know why. I am promoting myself now on social media as im promoting customers orders. Im getting now really low amout of money. 200$-300$ per month only. I have other gigs too, but they are not so affective. I make from different gigs 50$ per month. My question is. Do you think my gig will ever popup on top again? Im now as a seller on fiverr 13 months and I only made 3.600+$ while I got my earnings in two month 2.000$.

thank you so much…!

Great tips. Thanks

Thank you. Monthly sales&earnings can vary. However, I get about 50 orders every month and 1-3 orders a day. 15 days without sales would be really scary though.:slight_smile:

  1. I spread my gig in many category òf graphic design because i love to test out my ability as much as i can, you can sêe i got total ~ 10 gigs in my profile So that I create new gig when i want to test new one i can do.

  2. I did try hard with buyer request, it work pretty well, just try it.

  3. Mean that you design your gig picture in high quality and beautiful, eye-catching that buỷer when seeing it, they want to click your gig rather than ignore it

i was so confused when 1 month no sales in december, but after that it normal and i understand how fiverr work. it okay :slight_smile: