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How to get sales in your new gig? My own exp about this

Yes nice tip for selling new gigs.

I am agreed with your opinion about Fiverr
Yes I think fiverr’s algorithm do that like I earned 950$ in recent month (after cutting 20% of total income) and this month I have not get any order and I think Fiverr maintain its dry times and wet times timing with the date any seller joined. Like actually every month I get order when it is 20-30 then I have to sit back and think is there any problem with my gig?

Yes this time I train me more and learn new things in my niece and discover new to sale

Yes, if you in graphic design categlory like me, many thing you can learn new, such as icon design, infographic, motion graphic, ui ux. I think graphic design is very easy to earn money.

Try spread out the net to catch more fish more than you sit in one place and w8 for fish. That is not my way of working.

But I m not in graphics designing I am in web development can you send me some info for graphics designing?

hi there, I’ve been on fiverr for a couple of weeks now and have 7 gigs with no buyers :frowning:
I just a first couple of buyers to get my ratings since I’m a newbie, not many people would trust my work.

I have a little knowledge on graphic design but am very good at writing could you give me a little knowledge of yours as relating to graphics design? Nyc post though

i dont see any buyer request. however i can see ‘see available projects’ under ‘selling’ category. I have been trying many things but still not getting any offers. if you can guide me , it will be very helpful.

There a section call “buyer request” in your profile. Many buyer post their need in this everyday, try to offer them. I sometimes get good offer from this one.

keep offer everyday, it booost your sales a lot.

oh go to and search infographic keyword, there many great layout there.

I got no sales in 1 1/2 1st month in fiverr, keep improve your gig, do your best at some first sales to get good review.

Hi, Still i couldn’t find buyer requests, did you mean (See available projects) or it is separate option ?

Thank you

I’m not getting you. Are you talking about providing BONUS work so that buyer might return to you?

I saw many seller in fiverr earn alot with writing skill, proof reading and translate.

With writing skill you can do:

Translate: Great if you can trans Eng-French-Spanish-German, i mean from english to 2nd 3rd popular language. Earn a lot from this one becasue 500 words cost 5$ in average price.

Write SEO Copy: Earn a lot from thís one if you good this one.

Proof Reading: this one too.

Saw some guy earn 200$ with one order with writing skill. Try to search which one you best and start with it.