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How to get sales **********

How on earth does one gain his first gig. Seriously a little help will be much appreciated guys.

Try buyer requests section to see what buyers want that you can offer.

I got my first sale after mass advertising “MASS” like seriously it was huge. I also tried the buyer request section but it was full of other people offering there own services :frowning:

Congratz on your first gig!! and that’s great that you did mass advertising. Its very difficult to be able to stand out, but you did something right and best we learn is from trial and error. What worked and what didn’t so we can focus more on what works and eliminate what doesn’t.

The saying goes if things were easy everyone would be doing them but your next goal now that you’ve got your 1st sale is to get to level 1 and then level 2 and then keep a steady ship!

It took me a while to get my 1st sale and I worked had to get noticed but after my 1st sale things really picked up and I’ve learned from my experience and got level 1 and now I am heading towards level 2 by working hard and standing out to attract clients towards my gigs.

When did you land your second sale?

when you say mass advertising. What/where do you mean?

buyer requests? Where is that?

about 2 days after my 1st one.

Well, you know mass email marketing and mass posting spree (around 500 groups) .

Its been around 27 hours since my first sale gonna wait another 24 before trying something new.

In the “Selling” section.

so spam?

Hell no, i only posted in legitimate communities where i have reputable status (around 100 on facebook alone)

not anymore it ain’t, all that’s there are only sellers selling their gigs

Well, it depends. I have made two sales recently and both have been from buyers who posted on buyer requests for which I am grateful.