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How to get second order on Fiverr

I have completed my first order but not getting any further
Anyone tell me how to get second order?

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Could you tell me about your first order? @hussain_memon7

what you want to know about my first order?

When it was placed? and how? @hussain_memon7

3 months earlier may be with buyer request I got
and I have completed with 5* rating

Do same send more buyer request and stay active in the forum @hussain_memon7


can you please have a look in my profile and let me know if you found any error?
I appreciate your assistance

Sure, just be patient research more and more and should do search engine optimization of gigs @hussain_memon7

sure, Thanks :slight_smile:

There is no special way you can get the second order. It’s just like how you got your first order.

PS: don’t ask next how i get my 3rd order. :sweat_smile:

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