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How to get source file

How can i get source file of logi for the customer if i am using adroid for making logo? and iam confused about source file .

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I’m sorry, what are you using? What do you mean by you are using android?

In which program are you creating logos?

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OP created logo using mobile app.
I doubt if these apps generates source file like other professional software’s like Photoshop or Illustrator.

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android for making logos… that’s cute


Oh well, fiverr will have bad reputation among buyers as long as people like the OP still on the platform trying to cheat buyers and present themselves as a graphic designer and creating logos using an app :woman_facepalming: Without even knowing what is a source file…


lol wtf In which program are you creating logos? lol :o!!! logo generator? xD! I recommend you use a computer and learn to use professional software such as coreldraw, illustrator, etc :wink: !! and of course in that way you’re going to have the awesome Source File

and you must also learn to create logos, the psychology of colors, etc,etc, etc, etc and… etc :wink: