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How to get started on fiverr?

I am a beginner, how to get started on fiverr?

For your gig titles and description, ask someone who is good in English to proofread them. There are also other Fiverr sellers who could help you with this.

You’re in the right place. How about this, would you be willing to read a few dozen posts with lots of likes and then tell us a more specific question.

The folks here are happy to help. but you’ve asked for a seminar not a forum post answer.

Heck, I don’t even know if you want to be a buyer or a seller :slight_smile: LOL

  1. Get a picture
  2. Add a video to your gig(s)
  3. Post more examples of your work
  4. Promote your gigs to social websites, forums etc.
  5. Message people who post requests at the ‘bottom right’ of the Fiverr’s main website

I am a seller, and there are only one person who bought my gig. how about the payment. status of the revenues are clearing what the purpose of that status? thanks

The purpose is to keep you informed of the progress as it allows the time to Protect Fiverr from PayPal chargebacks.

how to promote in forum?

how to get buyers for gig as i have posted 4 gigs and did get a single buyers/order. help me in this

these are the my gigs url. got some buyers but now everything has been stopped i have good reviews from buyers and rating

learn how to start with fiverr and make money with fiverr


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It is against the rules of Fiverr to promote other websites in these forums.