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How To Get Started With A Different Niche Gig


Hi Doers,

I have been offering services in the digital marketing niche so far, I also have good experience with Website Development, Video Creation, App Development. I am on my way to become a level 2 now and want to start offering those services now.

I want to know, 1. Will it be fine to offer services in different niches or should I stick to services related to 1 niche only.
2. If it is fine to venture into different domains, what are the things I should take care of with the new gigs and services.

Thank you for your help.

Best wishes. :slight_smile:


I kind of have gifs from two niches. I proofread and I write.


I’ve seen some sellers with totally different types of gigs and they do very well with that. Just go ahead and try it and you may find you succeed.


Thank you. this is helpful.