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Hey Folks,

First time buyer here. I clicked on a service (looking for a logo), selected my package (came out to $95). I clicked ‘Order Now’ and input my credit card. It took me a loading screen that when completed, just said “We’ll email you when you order is complete”. There was no chance for me to put in any specifications of any kind, and I can’t find any trace of the order in my inbox or anywhere. Please help? I appreciate it!

Try this by replacing ‘username’ with your username

There are no orders showing there :(. I’ve been to the credit card page and entered my information three times now!

Have you been charged for that already ?

Check your balance or something to confirm if the funds were deducted or not.

You can also try another browser. If that doesn’t work then you have to contact Customer support.

To be clear, I have not been charged. Let me explain the steps again.

I clicked on a gig (Logo creation).

Selected some things and clicked “Order Now”.

I input my credit card information (Visa)

It loaded for some time, and then said, “We’ll email you when you order is complete!”, with no actions available on that page

I can’t find traces of the order anywhere

Ive filed a ticket, but I don’t have an order number that I can find anywhere!

There is a similar thread

But I think it doesn’t apply here.

For support, there must be other options that don’t need the order number. Try that and see if it works.

While you’re waiting for support, you can send a message to the seller and ask them if it came through on their end. If it did, you can go over your specifications through the messaging.

There is a bug that the setting for “required instructions” is un-setting itself, in that case an order is started without any further communication. Ask your seller to check their settings.