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How to get success and increase your average selling price



welcome everyone :slight_smile:

I would like to share my small success and inform you…how to get success though increase selling price.

Now… I’m average selling price is $8 per order… (the basic fiverr selling price is $4)

I inserted great feature in my extras gig option…and buyers like my extras option and brought it with every 3rd order…and i did self promote my gig on ■■■■■■■■■■■ and other free classified advertisement website…and get more buyers

Now I’ve buyer 39% from the all over the world…

I get great success and I’m planning to take home through fiverr earnings

thanks for visit my tips… i hope this will help you too to get success.


I completely agree. I’m all about pushing up that average unit of sale!

And I see you’re a Fiverr-Figure Earner on Fiverr. Congratz!


Well done best__seller. that’s right, it is the way to do it =D>


It’s better to get less sales with huge value as it helps you focus on your work more and lesser work for revision etc!! ;)) Mine is $8 too and I’m looking for more orders and looking to publisize my gig more