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How to get the ball rolling


I started on Fiverr just under 2 months ago. At first I felt something that most newbies feel - it’s almost impossible to get orders if you’re a newbie.

Pure bollocks.

First let’s see the sort of excuses newbies (including myself at the time) come up with:

  • It’s not possible to get orders if you’re a newbie
  • All orders go to Top Rated Sellers
  • A lot of orders go to Level 2 Sellers.
  • You have to have Level 1 status at the very least, in order to make sales.
  • The competition is too high
  • Buyers only order from reputed sellers
  • I don’t think my gig has any demand

    Let’s get some perspective - the only one that may be true, is the last excuse. Notice I said, it may be true - in most cases, it won’t be true. All the other excuses are pure nonsense.

    Sure, you won’t be ‘featured’ but you can still get orders. Fiverr provides leads to sellers - a lot of sellers somehow, end up missing the green box of leads on the home page. That displays the order requirements of a variety of buyers. You’ll also notice a blue box that has all the categories; let’s say you were selling flyer distribution; you can click on the option ‘Advertising’ located in the blue box. If you then scroll down to the green box, you will see some requests related to flyer distribution or something related to it.

    Here’s what you should do next: if you think you can deliver any of the requests, click on the buyer that’s requesting the job, and SEND HER/HIM A MESSAGE! Tell them you can do it and then wait for a response.

    This is exactly what I did, and I had a conversion rate of 25%; in other words, for every 10 messages I sent, I received anything from 2-3 orders. I kept doing this until I started receiving orders without me having to approach potential clients.

    You’ll be surprised how well this works - one of my clients didn’t reply at all. I sent him a message once a day or once in two days reminding him about my previous message, that I haven’t heard back from him, and that I really am looking forward to hearing from him. 5-6 messages forward, and I receive an order from him saying “I normally never order from new sellers since I’m never sure of the quality - but you were so persistent, you made me want to order from you. I hope you do a good job, in which case I will order more gigs”. He did.

    My main point: do not listen to people/forums, etc that claim it’s impossible to get orders on fiverr if you’re a newbie. They’re probably saying that because they haven’t been able to get orders - that ain’t the fact. If you persist and try just a little more, it’s more than possible for you to get enough and more orders.

    Stay positive. Stay persistent. Have fun!




Very well put! I started two months ago as well!


Great post and well written, many newbies whould read and understand


I second that, be creative and you will make it - With an attitude of defeat before you begin you will get no where. Did’nt you listen to yoda man?? O_o


But One Can View Those Suggestion When one Logged In Now


@cheapgigs: as in?


Thanks for the tips, Vashisht! I’ve been on fiverr for a little over two weeks and have received over 30 orders without initially knowing what was going on. After browsing the forums, it’s easy to find a wealth of information to help market yourself better and get more sales despite all the naysayers. As a newbie, I often worry about high competition and having a gig buried in a flood of similar gigs. Sometimes all it takes is added customer service and persistence and it will pay off huge with additional orders or referrals.


@reckabix - My pleasure - good on you!


That was a great read, definitely something to learn here.


Thanks @originalh; glad you found it useful.


I agree I have been on about a month and am happy to be on my fifth gig, i work 33 hours per week at walmart and am a single parent, so I am going to keep working at it until i get more and can work less at wal mart!


If you think about it. All level 1/2 sellers had to start some where…



Thank you for the tips, I am new at fiverr


Thanks you have some very helpful tips in here!


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Just sell your brand instead of your gigs. Works for me :slight_smile:


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As a total newbie here - only joined today, I am glad to see that I have already (quite inadvertently) followed Vashisht’s advice by clicking in the green box and emailing buyers on topics I know I can complete…

The follow-up to no response is good advice :slight_smile:


Reply to @vedmak: I get a lot of my gigs from requests and I do this by checking on an hourly basis if I can. Make sure I am the first to message. 25% is around what I get but I bet that number would be much lower if I wasn’t so diligent.


the important thing is getting off the first gig. The earlier you understand this the better it is.